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Steps to Flush Out Your IV

Keeping things clean from a medical perspective is very important. You never know how these things can react with your body if not cleaned out properly. It’s very easy to get an infection when certain medical utensils aren’t cleaned properly. This is especially the case when you have items that actually go into your bloodstream. Make sure that everything you use is completely sterilized to prevent any harm to the body. Sanitation is the key to making sure you are not only clean but the items you use are safe. Here are some good ways to help you flush out your IV.


image2_compressedMake Sure Your Hands and the Work Area are Sanitized

Germs start from the touch and you need your hands to be thoroughly cleaned before you use any kind of medical device. You want to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap or a hand sanitizer. Make sure you rub your hands together until it’s absolutely dry. Also, it’s equally important that your work surface is clean. Use a good sanitizer or cleaning material that’s safe for items and the skin. Use it on your work area and wipe it down with a clean paper towels. Before you begin to administer anything kind of medical assistance to a patience please ensure that this area is thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning the IV Out


Here’s the process of getting your IV cleaned out. First of all, put your gloves on and make sure they are clean. From this point, you’ll get your alcohol pad and clean the injection cap for at least 30 seconds and let it dry. The reason you want to clean your catheter is to prevent infection and make sure it works correctly. Also, make sure the catheter tip doesn’t touch anything.

Cleaning the Syringe

The next part you’re going to do is clean the syringe. You can start by removing the cap and holding down the plunger and pushing it up to remove the excess air. Replace the cap loosely and do the same thing with your heparin. Remove your cap, pull back the plunger and remove the air. Replace the cap and you’ll notice the catheter is dry. Now you can take the saline and remove the cap, so you can attach the syringe by pushing and twisting. To help flush your catheter, open the clamp and use a gentle push/pause tactic to flush things out. After doing this method a few times, you can untwist your syringe and throw it in the trash. Repeat the same push and pause steps with the heparin.


Final Steps for Cleaning the IV

Clamp the IV, untwist, and throw it in the trash. You can throw every used supply in the trash as well unless they are contaminated with blood. In this case, you would use the biohazard container to discard these items. After thoroughly cleaning and discarding things, make sure you wash your hands. You don’t want to get any infections through the sanitation process. This will help prevent you from getting any illnesses as a result of exposing your skin to infected items